Some Notes on Film

"A movie is not about what it is about. It is about how it is about it." - Roger Ebert


I’m happy to announce that after working on it for months and months, the Some Notes on Film zine is now available to purchase.

I’m super proud of the way this turned out, and I’m hoping that you’ll want to take a look for yourself. The zine collects a number of my favorite original essays I’ve written for this blog/tumblr during its first six months - all of them revised and expanded - and adds original illustrations, film stills, and an all new, zine-exclusive essay.

Topics for this issue include:

  • Steve Martin’s goofy tenderness in The Jerk
  • Josh Safdie’s microbudget indie The Pleasure of Being Robbed (as seen on the cover)
  • Brian Eno’s idea of art as a “trigger for experience” (and why I don’t like it)
  • Robert Altman’s The Long Goodbye and Renaissance painter Pieter Bruegel
  • Ain’t Them Bodies Saints compared to Terrence Malick’s Badlands
  • Billy Wilder’s The Apartment and physicality in screenwriting
  • the difficulty of portraying digital life in movies
  • plus a lengthy intro essay on the differences between zines and blogs

56 pages
Black and white
Card-stock cover
Saddle-stitched (stapled)

I’ve always felt that long form writing was best experienced not on a screen. I’m hoping you’ll agree.

You can buy the zine for $4.25 on Etsy.

(not selling internationally at the moment, but should be very soon - let me know if you’re a non-US resident and interested in buying)


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